LOE Signature ♀ Fuzz (made-to-order)

$5.00 - $275.00

*Each pedal will ship within 2 weeks of payment received. We will message you on shipping day with tracking info. Thanks!*

A thick, loud, creamy silicon/Germanium hybrid fuzz for the lovers of the low end. These babies are stuffed with some sweet, rare Germanium transistors that have been measured and hand-selected for optimum sound quality. This fuzz uses red LEDs in the clipping section, which gives it a ripping bite that we know you will love.

* Two 2N1306 NPN Germanium transistors (no yucky batteries needed!)
*Two NOS Harris 2N3904 transistors
*Kingbright clipping LEDs
*Built completely by hand, using high-quality through-hole components that have been hand-measured and matched within a 1% tolerance
*Pedalboard-friendly textured powder-coated 125b size aluminum enclosure (Red or Black)
*Vintage red bypass lamp (from salvage!)
*Cool chrome knobs
*Rugged, custom-engraved red and gold top
*Easy-click foot switch, wired for true bypass operation