DIY Linx

Here are some places to check out if you are interested in DIY stuff. Have fun!

The DIY Stompboxes forum:

The Effects Layouts blog:

The Tagboard Effects blog:

Madbean Pedals:

Beavis Audio Research:

Run Off Groove articles and schematics:

R. G. Keen’s Geofex site:

Dead End FX - DIY guitar pedal projects and PCBs for the intermediate to advanced builders out there. There are some pretty rare gems available to build on this site. In most cases, the only way to get these particular effects anymore is to DIY!

Electro Smash - This site is a treasure trove of information. There are projects, schematics, and really detailed breakdowns of circuits from popular guitar pedals. They even have a section that explains how some of the components work.

Music From Outer Space - Mostly DIY synth stuff, some guitar circuits. I learned so much from the articles on this site. Ray Wilson’s contributions to the DIY community are too many to count.

Experimentalists Anonymous DIY Archives schematics - Make your own layout, from dozens of schematics.