LOE Germanium Blow Fuzz


The LOE Germanium Blow Fuzz is a two-knob version of the original Blow pedals we made in 2023. It's loud, proud, and nasty! The added "Fuzz" knob controls how much of the signal is being sent through the sweet, sweet Germanium transistor. It adds character and gain, with a touch of mojo. The G-Blow has two secret internal trim potentiometers that control the amount of gain, and bias, respectively. It's lots of fun!


* Textured, powder-coated "125b" size aluminum enclosure
*Hand-etched copper "Blow" badge
*Big ol' bypass light
*BC108 and BC109 metal can silicon transistors
*"Chef's choice" NOS Germanium transistor, nestled into a phenolic socket
*High-quality Alpha potentiometers
*Bourns & Panasonic trim potentiometers
*Nichicon Gold electrolytic capacitors
*Panasonic and Wima film capacitors
*NOS Carbon foil resistors
*Completely handmade and hand-wired for true bypass operation

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