LOE Superfuzz (Beige/Brown)

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Our rendition of the classic Superfuzz circuit, tuned for more versatility. It has all that smack-in-the-face goodness we have all come to know and love from the Superfuzz circuit, with the added ability to produce some really cool lower-gain sounds. This version has a Tone control instead of the original's Tone switch, which adds lots more options for sonic control.

There will be five units available on Fuzz Friday, November 18th.

*Hand-selected and matched NOS Harris 2N3904 silicon transistors
*NOS Germanium 1N34A glass diodes
*Nichicon Fine Gold electrolytic capacitors
*SGS Thomson metal film capacitors
*Vintage El Menco "Domino" & Cornell Dubilier silver mica capacitors
*NOS KOA carbon foil resistors
*Bourns and Panasonic trim potentiometers
*Alpha brand 16mm potentiometers
*Custom engraved faceplate
*Warm white bypass light
*Vintage control knobs (these are some of the coolest knobs we have ever seen!)
*125B size powder-coated enclosure with top jacks
*Hand-wired for true-bypass operation

Don't forget to check out the Demos section to hear some of our Superfuzzes in action!

We ship internationally. Folks outside the US, please hit the contact button, or email us at loesounds@gmail.com :) We will get you a shipping quote.