LOE Superfuzz - made to order

$275.00 Coming Soon

Our rendition of the classic Superfuzz circuit, tuned for more versatility. It has all that smack-in-the-face goodness we have all come to know and love from the Superfuzz circuit, with the added ability to produce some really cool lower gain sounds. This version has a Tone control instead of the original's Tone switch, giving the user lots more options for sonic control.

*Hand-selected and matched NOS silicon transistors
*Sylvania brand Germanium 2N176 diodes
*TDK, Nichicon Fine Gold, and SGS Thomson brand capacitors
*Alpha brand potentiometers
*125B size powder-coated enclosure with top jacks
*Hand-wired for true-bypass operation

Superfuzzes are made in small batches - about three per year.
Custom orders are always welcomed in between batches. We can provide lots of different options for custom colorways and finishes. You can even choose which transistor complement you would like, based on what we have in stock. Drop us an email at loesounds@gmail.com, or hit that contact button to inquire :)

Don't forget to check out the Demos section to hear it in action!