LOE Superfuzz

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This is our rendition of the classic Superfuzz circuit, which performs equally well for guitar, bass, or whatever else you wanna run through it. Instead of a mids scoop switch like the original version, ours has a Tone knob for maximum versatility.

These have new old stock Harris 2N3904 transistors and Sylvania 1N276 Germanium glass diodes inside.

Email us at loesounds@gmail.com to get on the list.

*NOS transistors, measured & matched to optimum specs
*NOS Germanium glass diodes, measured & matched to optimum specs
*Panasonic ECQ capacitors
*Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors
*Cornell Dubilier silver mica tone capacitor
*Lumberg power jack
*Wired true Bypass, using mil-spec Teflon-coated, silver tinned copper wire
*Top-mounted jacks
*125b size powder-coated hammertone enclosure
*Vintage red bypass LED lens
*Solid silver aluminum knobs with dual set screws

*Balance (volume)
*Expander (gain)

Be sure to check out Ryan's awesome demo of the Loe Superfuzz on his YouTube channel, Demos In the Dark! It's linked on our Demos page.