LOE Atari Fuzz v2 - All-metal Atari Fuzzes coming soon!!

$5.00 - $125.00 Coming Soon

*The NEW Atari Fuzzes will be coming out in early fall! The same thick, sick-sounding fuzz circuit and look as the plastic ones, but built into a super-rugged metal Hammond enclosure.*

A simple, gnarly, one-knob fuzz effect that has been optimized for the low-end lovers out there. Nice attack, retains all the lows while still giving ya good bite ;)

*Genuine Hammond black powder-coated enclosure
*Engraved faceplate with custom art
*100% built by hand, using high-quality through-hole parts
*Alpha potentiometer
*Neutrik jacks
*Lumberg power jack
*True Bypass switching
*Easy-click foot switch
*Dope-ass knob
*Light-up pew-pew button

Be sure to check out Matt Foy's awesome demo of the Atari Fuzz. You can find it on the Demos page, or here:


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