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The FM Thingee is a modulation effect that is actually more like three effects in one box: delay + reverb + ring mod, with an added blend control that goes from 100% wet (effect) to 100% dry (clean signal). The controls are all interactive with each other! Lots of fun for the sonic explorers & lovers of the lo-fi.

Each unit is completely handmade into a vintage 80s beige Radio Shack intercom box.

*Genuine Radio Shack intercom enclosure, lovingly salvaged and reinforced for your pleasure
*Completely built by hand, using high-quality through-hole parts
*100% hand-wired with Teflon-coated mil-spec silver-plated copper wiring
*Kingbright LEDs - one for bypass, and the other flashes in time with the modulation
*Alpha potentiometers
*Soft-click foot switch, wired for true bypass operation.
*Added blend control for maximum versatility
*Japanese brushed aluminum knobs

*Modulation Rate
*Modulation Depth

Check out the sweet demos of our FM Thingee from The Pedal Platform & Matt Foy on YouTube! They are linked on our Demos page.

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