LOE FM Thingee


The FM Thingee is a modulation effect that is actually more like three effects in one box: delay + reverb + ring mod, with an added blend control for adding in clean signal. The controls are all interactive with each other! Each unit is completely handmade into a vintage 80s beige Radio Shack intercom box.

FM Thingees are made to order. Turnaround time is ~2 weeks from receipt of payment.

*Genuine Radio Shack intercom enclosure, lovingly salvaged and reinforced for your pleasure
*Completely hand-wired with Teflon-coated mil-spec silver-plated copper wiring
*Kingbright LEDs - one for bypass, and the other flashes in time with the modulation
*Alpha potentiometers
*Gorva soft-click foot switch, wired true bypass
*Added blend control for maximum versatility
*Japanese brushed aluminum knobs

*Modulation Rate
*Modulation Depth

Check out the sweet demo of our FM Thingee from The Pedal Platform on YouTube! It is linked on our Demos page.

We ship internationally. Folks outside the US can hit the contact button or email us at loesounds@gmail.com to get a shipping quote :)