LOE Floe - Preorder


This is a recreation of the super-cool Infanem Driving Notion pedal. Dead End FX designed the PCBs to be faithful to the original while adding more stability to this wild one. They also added a THICKER switch, which makes this an even more useful sound-sculpting tool than the original. It takes many, many hours of transistor auditioning to get this one dialed in. We think the end result is worth it!

This will be a limited offering. Each unit will be handmade to order. Turnaround time for the Floe is 3-4 weeks from the purchase date.

*Built on a high-quality PCB from Dead End FX
*NOS hand-matched transistors
*Can be built into a variety of enclosures (the smallest size is Hammond 125b, as pictured here)
*Japanese brushed aluminum control knobs
*Wooden engraved embellishments
*Every one of these will have a cool light! We have options ;)
*Panasonic and SGS Thomson film capacitors (all measured within 1% tolerance)
*Taiway switches
*Lumberg jacks
*Wired for true bypass
*Shielded mil-spec silver-plated copper wiring throughout


Volume. It gets loud, use it! Unity gain is typically around 9 o'clock for a standard guitar.

This version adds a switch to provide additional gain to the high section of the circuit, at two different frequency levels (the middle position is stock).

Gain and character of the higher-frequency circuit. Counterclockwise gives a light treble boost and some grit. Clockwise gets sharp, aggressive, and fun.

Gain and character of the lower-frequency circuit. Counterclockwise is a friendly, dark boost. Middle settings start adding distortion. Far clockwise gets to bassdoomfuzz.

Input gain to the circuit.

Controls the post-signal blend of the High and Low circuits. Counterclockwise yields nearly all Low, clockwise yields nearly all High. Three knob pedals have mix fixed at 50/50.

Uses standard 9VDC negative tip power.

Here is some information from Infanem about the original pedal:
"The Driving Notion is voiced to bring unique texture, attack, and clarity to even the most complex chords. Gain and tone are controlled via High and Low, each controlling the frequency response and drive of their respective parallel circuits.

High boosts treble, favors high notes and lends a sharp attack and grit to your signal. Low goes from a dark boost to a low-flying fuzzy cloud of bass and low-mids. Both circuits respond to volume and tone adjustments on your instrument. Like any self-respecting Infanem device, The Driving Notion can get strange at extreme settings; cranking Low leads to semi-controllable bassfuzz swells, and cranking High gets you to (and frequently over) the edge of oscillation.

Run it into a clean amp for its distinct drive character, into a driven amp for extra gain and definition, and after fuzz to find the sounds you've always hoped for."

For a deeper dive, here's a link to the Dead End FX Project: