LOE Electra Drive


The LOE Electra Drive is a simple, one-knob fuzz/distortion/boost that will add some nice, grungy grit to any configuration. The circuit is built entirely point-to-point, using vintage parts and knobs that we have lovingly salvaged from various waste & recycling sites.

*1590a size aluminum enclosure
*Built old-school, point-to-point style
*Sylvania Germanium & silicon glass diodes
*NOS Allen Bradley carbon resistors
*NOS axial film capacitors
* High-quality Cliff and Neutrik jacks
*Wired true Bypass, using mil-spec Teflon-coated, silver tinned copper wire
*Vintage control knob from the seventies
*Soft-click foot switch

Check out Matt Foy demoing the Electra on YouTube! It is linked on our Demos page.

Axe... and You Shall Receive has Electras in stock for our Canadian friends :)