LOE Electra Drive

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The LOE Electra Drive is a simple, one-knob fuzz/distortion/boost that will add some nice, grungy grit to any configuration. The circuit is built entirely point-to-point, using vintage parts and knobs that we have lovingly salvaged from various waste & recycling sites.

*1590a size aluminum enclosure
*Built point-to-point style
*Sylvania Germanium & silicon glass diodes
*NOS axial film capacitors
* High-quality Cliff and Neutrik jacks
*Wired true Bypass, using mil-spec Teflon-coated, silver tinned copper wire
*Vintage control knob from the seventies
*Soft-click foot switch

Check out Matt Bradford jamming out with the Electra on YouTube! It is linked on our Demos page.