LOE Custom Bassmaster

$350.00 Coming Soon

The LOE Custom Bassmaster is our version of the original Brassmaster circuit. We have added a few tweaks to optimize it for both bass and guitar, including a master volume control and top jacks. It runs on a standard 9-volt DC, center-negative power supply. It's a beast!

Only three units will be made. Please contact us via email > loesounds@gmail.com to reserve.


*Xicon 42TM018 transformer
*NOS 2N3392 transistors
*NOS Germanium diodes
*Switchcraft #11 audio jacks
*Lumberg power jack
*Alpha 16mm potentiometers
*Japanese-made toggle switches
*Gold foot switch
*Gold aluminum knurled control knobs with white line position indicators
*Vintage orange globe bypass lamp from salvage
*Completely built by hand, using high-quality through-hole parts
*100% hand-wired with mil-spec, Teflon-coated, shielded wire throughout
*Black textured powder-coated enclosure (1590X size)
*Custom-designed, rugged matte black & gold chrome engraved faceplate