LOE Blow


The LOE Blow is a one-knob fuzz, built into a pedalboard-friendly size enclosure. It has lots of big, chewy, fuzzy goodness on tap. It's designed to be simple and easy to use, with big '70s vibes.

* NOS metal can silicon transistors, measured & selected for optimum clarity & blow!
*Entirely hand-built and wired, on a phenolic circuit board
*WIMA metal film capacitors
*NOS KOA metal film resistors
*Alpha 16mm potentiometer (volume control)
*Vintage knob from salvage
*Cliff power jack (9-volt, center negative operation)
*Neutrik audio jacks
*1590a size enclosure
*Cool badge made by Partscaster Concierge (from recycled pickguard offcuts!)
*Soft-click foot switch, wired for true bypass operation

Head on over to the demos page to check out the rad Blow demo by Matt Foy!

We ship internationally. Please send us an email with your area's postal code included, and we can give you a shipping quote. Thanks!