Cha*Cha Fuzz

$5.00 - $175.00 Coming Soon

The Cha*Cha is a low-to-mid gain version of the green Russian muff-style dirt machine with a few twists. It's got a CA3086 transistor array at its heart, and a combination of germanium & silicon diodes for clipping. The germanium diode gives it that milkiness, and the silicon makes it cut & bite. The tonal controls are pretty unique, which provides quite a few options for sound shaping. It's fun to stack ;)

*This is a made-to-order item. Turnaround time for The Cha8Cha Fuzz is ~3-4 weeks from the date of purchase. We'll send a message when payment is received, and another on shipping day.*


* Mids - the classic "mids notch" CW reduces it, CCW increases it.
*Tone - a combination high & low pass filter blended by the tone control
*Volume - overall master volume
*Gain - Amount of fuzziness


*RCA & Intersil brand transistor arrays
*NOS Glass Germanium 1N276 & Philips silicon diodes
*High-quality, hand-tested components
*Completely hand-soldered
*Easy-click foot switch, wired for true bypass operation
*Top jacks
*Rugged custom engraved pedal top
*Salvaged cool bypass light
*Runs on a 9-volt DC, center negative power supply

Check out Matt Bradford's video in the Demos section, featuring the Cha Cha Fuzz!

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